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National Adoption Week 2021

National Adoption Week 2021 runs 18th to 24th October. This year's week is an opportunity to champion the voices often less heard when we think about adoption. IAC is also celebrating international adoptions.


Covid Kinship Bursary Fund

In response to the ongoing pandemic, and particularly the crisis in India, IAC has set up a Covid Kinship Bursary Fund. This fund will help families to fund the process when they need to adopt children orphaned by the pandemic. The situation for these children is dire and it is vital we support them to join families in the UK for their protection and long term welfare.


Brothers & Sisters

Children should not be separated from their brothers and sisters when they all need an adoptive family but most people thinking about adoption only want one child. Family groups therefore wait much longer to be adopted. A new You Can Adopt campaign hears from families who have adopted brothers and sisters together.


These Children Are Waiting, Why Are You?

These Children Are Waiting, Why Are You? is a new campaign by voluntary adoption agencies across the UK who have joined forces to highlight the fact that children who continue to wait the longest for an adoptive family are older, brothers and sisters, of black and minority ethnic heritage and those with additional needs.

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