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African Adoption Support Group - Saturday 19th January

IAC is pleased to announce the next meeting of the African Adoption Support Group on Saturday, 19th January from 12pm-2pm. The African Adoption Support Group is a UK-based support group founded in November 2018 by parents with experience of intercountry adoption from Africa. The group embraces the diversity of children within Africa and understands the importance of their heritage and origins. The group’s aims include emotional support and encouragement before, during, and after the adoption process; exchanging information; addressing post-adoption issues; advocacy; influencing government policies on intercountry adoption; and continued learning and education through talks from adult adoptees and external speakers. The group welcomes prospective adopters who are considering adopting a child from Africa, those undergoing the adoption process, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees to its next meeting.

If you would like to attend on 19th January, please contact  for further information. Please note that children are welcome to attend with their parents, but there will not be crèche facilities. We look forward to hearing from you soon!