Outbound Permanence Service


Over the years IAC has been receiving an increasing number of calls from Local Authorities who are seeking to place Looked After children with family members or “connected people” in countries overseas i.e intercountry adoption but where England is the country of origin.
Supported by funding from the Department for Education, and as part of the Intercountry Adoption Regional Adoption Agency development, for which IAC is the lead Agency, in 2017 IAC piloted a project to offer Advice and Information to Local Authorities who are considering placing children overseas.The service will be of help to social workers, managers or legal advisors/solicitors within a Local Authority who may be:

  • Planning a placement overseas either through Convention adoption or other permanent routes;
  • Developing a permanence care plan for a child who may be placed overseas;

In Convention Adoption cases the Advice Line can offer advice before the formal referral to the Department for Education Intercountry Adoption Casework team is made.
IAC has developed a range of useful factsheets to support workers including:

  • General factsheets on the Convention Adoption process and Special Guardianship process in relation to overseas placements;
  • Country factsheets on the placement process overseas on countries into which children are commonly placed, giving relevant background information including brief information on the legal frameworks in country.
  • Factsheets for carers to assist social workers preparing families overseas for a child’s placement.
  • Children’s booklets to assist in the preparation of children who are moving overseas.

From 1st April 2019 the service charge for an annual subscription allowing unlimited use is £1500 if your local authority already has an existing service level agreement for inbound services, or otherwise £2000 per annum. The service can also be spot purchased at £480 per case consultation.  If you are interested in this service, please contact:  outbound@icacentre.org.uk